Ministry in a New Key

Vision and Service

Ministry Training Source [MTS] furthers the vision set forth by Pope Francis in Evangelii Guadium.  We believe that pastoral ministry leaders need and deserve New Keys to fully respond to today’s challenges. MTS provides the tools, strategies, and opportunities to grow pastoral ministry leaders theologically, spiritually, pastorally, and practically in the practice of Catholic ministry.

These New Keys reflect Pope Francis’ broad and direct challenge to all pastoral ministry leaders when he asserts:

Pastoral ministry in a missionary key seeks to abandon the complacent attitude that says: “We have always done it this way”. I invite everyone to be bold and creative in this task of rethinking the goals, structures, style and methods of evangelization in their respective communities. A proposal of goals without an adequate communal search for the means of achieving them will inevitably prove illusory. I encourage everyone to apply the guidelines found in this document generously and courageously, without inhibitions or fear. The important thing is to not walk alone, but to rely on each other as brothers and sisters, and especially under the leadership of the bishops, in a wise and realistic pastoral discernment. [EG, 33]

MTS provides New Keys for parish, school, diocesan, and organizational leaders.

Now offering a Customized Report on salary data for your local ministry environment

Salaries and benefits are two areas where the average youth ministry leader needs evidenced-based support to substantiate fair and just compensation. Sadly, there is disparity in the youth ministry workforce, not only within a diocese or region, but especially between men and women. Asking for better overall compensation begins with knowing the facts. Do you know yours?

Ministry Training Source is offers a customized salary research report for ministry leaders based upon your education level, ministry formation, and years of experience. MTS is able to provide an individual with the average salary by state, by geographic region, and by episcopal region.

See the description page for more information and to order your report.

Welcome Kathy

In 2018, Kathleen Carver joined MTS as a new consultant. Kathy has served in parish and diocesan roles (Newark and Louisville) in addition to over two decades of national leadership in Catholic youth ministry, organizational management, strategic planning, communications, and marketing (National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry).

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