C3 Blog #2: Is there an App for that? (Resources)


“Is there an APP for that?” is such a 2013 question! I mean you ask that question as few as 13 years ago in 2000 and people would look at you like you are a little nuts wondering what you are talking about. It is amazing how our language evolves; I mean the new word for “search” is Google? We don’t say, “I’ll search for that,” we say, “I’ll Google it?”

I had a chance to reflect on that question recently at the San Fernando Regional Religious Education Congress. I did a workshop, Is there an APP for that? focusing on integrating technology into ministry and it was sponsored as part of the C3 Cluster Pilot. It was my first time being live streamed over the Internet which was fun and scary at the same time. Most of my family had never seen me speak, my god-child, Emily even said, “Wow, Nannie, you are a good teacher!” Well that made my day, but what is really cool is that this resource lives on in the Internet well beyond the day I gave it. Check it out, if you get a chance, check it out on this YouTube Link. In this blog, I will be exploring some of the ideas and strategies that we are using in the project that I mentioned in the virtual workshop.


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