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Emerging Trends

Understanding Those Who Serve Catholic Youth: A Longitudinal National Research Study of Catholic Youth Ministry Leaders

Sponsored by Ministry Training Source in Collaboration with the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

Research Purpose

This national study, as with the 2008 and 2000 Youth Ministry Leader Studies, sought to describe current youth ministry leaders—both paid and volunteer—including titles, responsibilities, salaries, and ministry formation, as well as key beliefs and attitudes. Additionally, the researcher hoped to better understand how the field of Catholic youth ministry has evolved and changed over the past eight years, so the 2008 survey instrument was utilized in this study with obvious modifications and additional questions that reflected some new trends and developments.

Study Impacts: Advocacy

Salaries and benefits are two areas where the average youth ministry leader needs evidenced-based support to substantiate fair and just compensation. Sadly, there is disparity in the youth ministry workforce, not only within a diocese or region, but especially between men and women.

Asking for better overall compensation begins with knowing the facts. Do you know yours?

How Do You Compare?

Learn how your compensation compares to others in your geographic area. Ministry Training Source is offers a customized salary research report for ministry leaders based upon your education level, ministry formation, and years of experience. MTS will compare the information you provide on the submitted form to the national study sample and produce a report that an identifies the average salary [mean and median] in the following three ways:

  • By state [or surrounding states, based upon sample size]
  • By geographic region
  • By episcopal region

How to Request this Service

To request this Customized Salary Research, please COMPLETE THIS SHORT FORM. [You must know your episcopal region to complete the form. Uncertain? click here.]

1. Download the request form and complete it.

2. Submit the Form to Charlotte McCorquodale (

3. Pay the fee: $75:

4. Delivery: Allow for up to 14 days to receive report


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